NHN Venture Tower | NBBJ-La 2006
Bundang, Korea

Located in Bundang, Korea, the project is situated in a commercially developed district bound by a surrounding riverfront and distant mountainous terrain. NHN (next human network) is a young and progressive internet network corporation that is currently the most popular search engine for Korean users. Its service has been described as the Korean equivalent to the United States based Google. Flexible open office space, contemporary auditoriums, leisure activity zones, and food servicing will account for most of the building’s usable square footage. In addition, about seven percent of the total sq. footage is dedicated to roof top gardens and publicly functioned space.

Conceptually, the building is designed to simulate the interactivity of the web. NHN desired a building that served as an interface between the surrounding community and its employees, and therefore created a conversation at the macro scale of architecture. As a deep interactive skin, the facade consists of perforated louvers operated both manually by tenants as well as computer networked to control messaging and sun shading. The tenants manual operation of the louvers allows for infinite surface variation and an ever-changing building composition. The project employs a double skin curtain wall system which creates a thermal buffer or plenum space to control heat gain, exhaust and the comfort of NHN tenants.